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Vyparovak11. 6. 2018 11:42:54
Steam at the end24. 5. 2018 1:18:27
vgfh14. 7. 2017 5:37:08
kero14. 7. 2017 5:27:22
Vhydg14. 7. 2017 5:21:44
hf14. 7. 2017 5:07:44
uf23. 2. 2016 7:42:40
jojoj22. 2. 2016 18:55:43
gagou16. 2. 2016 16:51:40
Sublimation20. 5. 2015 14:11:59



Players are required to grow a friend for the character of Peekaboo, a tiny sprite living in the grass and feeding on pure water. Players guide a water droplet through a host of obstacles to the right place. Once the water drops close enough to the target, a new friend will grow.

The game is based on the laws of physics: the water droplet evaporates in contact with a hot obstacle, and steam rises up. It changes state again once it runs into a cold barrier, drops down or freezes, and so on.


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